Friends of the Centre

Donations of any amount are deeply appreciated and form the core of our ability to sustain our mission of making the cultural arts affordable and accessible to our entire community. 

We’re excited to commemorate our 10-year anniversary and show our appreciation for our community’s incredible support by hosting 10 sensational events over 10 consecutive months. Our 2023–24 schedule of Main Stage Performances are our way of saying “Thank You” for helping make the Renaissance Centre “the” place our community gathers to celebrate and enjoy the arts. 

Beginning with The Malpass Brothers concert on July 22, our “Realizing the Possibilities” Celebration Series will continue with two Murder Mystery Dinners on August 12, the Celebration of the Arts on October 7, Marcus Anderson in concert on November 18, and four performances of the Celtic Angels December 15-17.

The celebration series will then extend into 2024 with a North Wake Theatre stage show in January, Black History Month performances in February, the Wake Forest Film Festival in March, and a concert featuring The Drifters in April.

The Town of Wake Forest has always been a strong supporter of the Renaissance Centre and the arts in general, but our success ultimately depends on the generosity of people like you!

Starting this year, the Renaissance Centre will offer two levels of the Friends of the Centre membership. The Friends of the Centre is a $100 donation and the new Patron level is $250.

Your tax-deductible donation will allow you to purchase up to four tickets before they go on sale to the public. This will give you the opportunity to claim the best seats for upcoming performances that offer reserved seating.

In addition, your name will be displayed as a member of the Friends of the Centre on the Renaissance Centre website and on the screen prior to Main Stage performances. 

But that's not all!

Patrons receive all the benefits of our “Friends” level plus 2 complimentary tickets to the performance of your choice.

Our most expensive show this season is the 10th Anniversary Gala on November 18th. The evening includes dinner, dancing, and the VIP experience for $85 per ticket. If you are joining us for the celebration, becoming a Patron Level donor will be less expensive. $100 Friends Level plus 2 tickets at $85 each equal $270.

You can help us “Realize the Possibilities” of our full potential by making your tax-deductible donation today.

Donating is easy! To donate online, click the Donate button below. To donate via check, mail your check to Wake Forest Renaissance Centre, Town of Wake Forest, 301 S. Brooks Street, Wake Forest, NC 27587.

Thank you for your consideration! We look forward to seeing you soon!



Friends Benefits - $100

  • Purchase up to four tickets before they go on sale to the public.
  • Your name displayed on the Renaissance Centre website and on the screen prior to Main Stage performances.

Patron Benefits - $250

  • Purchase up to four tickets before they go on sale to the public.
  • Your name displayed on the Renaissance Centre website and on the screen prior to Main Stage performances.
  • Receive 2 complimentary tickets to the performance of your choice.

How To Donate

Donations can be made with cash, checks, or a credit card in the Box Office. You can also donate online using the Donate button.

Thank you to our current Friends of the Centre!

Karlene Abram
Grahm & Donna Baker
Alan Bohnwagner
Jason and Marie Cannon
Joe & Susannah Carl
Laura & Neil Dolan
Debbie Dunn
Jim & Ruth Ann Dyer
Johnnie Engesser
Shawn Eaton
Joel Fisher & Ken Wall
Bill & Sharon Goccia
Maggie Goldston
Connie Gores

Pam Alig
Michael Almquist
Elizabeth Arnold
Sherry Asfari
Pat & Donna Ash
John & Melissa Auten
John & Marti Avant
Betsy & Ben Bailey
Gayle & Michael Baker
Scott & Michele Barnes
Barbara Batchelor
James & Michelle Bateson
Kenille Baumgardner
Samantha Bishop
Dawn Capps
Beverly Carwile
Beth Clark
Craig & Amanda Cochrane
Ginny Coleman
Rebecca Coltrane
Henrietta Coursey
Jennifer Cox
Donald & Vivian Cronin
Bea Daniels
Candace Davis
Patricia Davis
Becky Dean
Norma & Michael Depalma
Katy Doyle
Denise Dubay
David & Eleen Dubis
Debbie Dunn
Patricia Eastwood
Linda Eaton
Renee Eddins
Debbie Edwards
Paulette Elkin
Patricia Ellis
Bob & Martha Emmons
John Engesser
Mary Flanagan
Ronnie & Tiffany Floyd
Ronald & Darlene Freedman
Bob & Linn Gahr
Suzanne Griffin
Jennie Griggs
The Grimes Family
Sid Hardwicke
Maureen L Hart
Gary Hartong
Telecia Hartsfield
Beverly Harvey
Charles Heath
David Hess
Helen Holt
Jill Honeycutt
Alison M. Hunt
Judy Ikirt
Travis & Megan Jack
Myra Jackson
Pamela Jay
Quentin Karchner
John Kish
Janice & Chas Koermer
Garde Kramer
Dhruva Kumar
Susan Lea
Susan Levine
Shirley & Andy Litke
Richard Longhway

Mr. & Mrs. Bob Hedrick
Craig & Debra Horton
Betty & Kenneth Jenkins
Gail Joyner
Donald & Carole Ketter
Rebecca Mandigo
Maria McGee
Larry & Rene Netzer
Edward & Theresia Peckham
Donald Pierce
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Robinson
Bob & Alison Stuart
Les Tryon
Frank & Chris Williams
Sigmon Zeleke

David & Susan Madison
Brian & Denise Mannette
Katie & Brian Marakas
Kathleen & John McDermott
Dorothy McEwan
Paul Miller
Robert Morgan
Frank Morock
Marlene Mueller
Mark & Cammy Mullen
Lydia Murray
Ken Nagy & Dawn Nakash
Dan & Gigi Nugent
Parker Ogden
Patty Ogden
Kip & Tracy Padgett
Kay & Dick Parham
John Pepin
Fred Pergerson
Mary Petretich
Dave & Avanell Purdy
William & Joyce Rankins
Jazzi Richardson
Brigitte Rivers
Mr. & Mrs. John Rizzo, Jr.
Donna Roberts
Carol Robertson
Pam Robinson
Linda & Rick Rocchetti
Nancy Rooth
Kathy Santiago
Paul Santiago
Michael Sattler
Catherine Saunders
Lynne & David Schindler
Jo-anne Seacott
Michael & Courtney Selna
Carol C Smith
Janice & Bill Smith
Kenneth & Sharon Smith
Michael & Anne Smith
Sharon Smith
Lee Spell
Randall Spinney
Richard & Brenda Stallings
Aileen Staples
Laroyce Stevens
Pamela Stevens
Ida Stone
Michael Sulick
Nellie Taylor
Nina Taylor
Andrea Thomas
Jayne Tipton
Bill & Mary Tomlinson
Stephen Tougias
Lisa & Ron Townsend
Curtis & Mary Jo Van Horne
Joan Violante
Natalie Vogt
Sally Walden
Elizabeth Walker
Sharmaine Walker
Marilyn Watkins
Marty & Debbie Watz
Jan Wells
Steven & Tina Wentzel
Denise Williams
Bobby Wilson
Hollie Wright-Hicks
Helene Zimmerman