Rental Reservations

Can I make a rental reservation with a phone call or an email?

Rental reservations can be made through our online rental request form. All requests are reviewed each Tuesday and responses are sent on Wednesdays. 

Can you pencil me in for a date?

Reservations are held with a deposit and signed rental agreement. Once both items are received by the Renaissance Centre, the date is reserved.

Can you check your calendar to see if a date is available?

We can check the calendar; however, dates are not approved until a rental request has been submitted and reviewed.

Am I guaranteed/promised the date when I complete the rental request?

The rental request will not guarantee a date is available or reserve an open date. All requests must be reviewed and approved by Renaissance Centre staff. After approval, a renter may complete the reservation by submitting payment and signing the rental agreement.


Rental Period

Can I set up prior to my rental period? / How early can I come in to set up?

All time in the building is considered rental time. Your rental period should include decorating, set up, and cleanup. Changes to the rental period are accepted up to two weeks prior to the date and rental fees will be adjusted.

What hours are available to rent?

Rentals are available beginning at 8 AM Sunday-Saturday. All rentals must end by 10 PM on Sunday-Thursday and 12 AM on Friday-Saturday. We recommend ending events one hour before your rental period ends to allow time for cleanup.

Can my vendor drop off items prior to my rental time? / Can I leave vendor items to be picked up during the next business day?

All items must be dropped off and picked up during the rental period. The Renaissance Centre is not responsible for items left behind after a rental.

Can the room be reset during my rental period?

Renters may choose one floorplan that will remain for the duration of the rental.


Marketing & Ticket Sales

Can my event be advertised on the Renaissance Centre website, brochure, and social media?

At this time, the Renaissance Centre does not offer a marketing plan for private rentals. Renters are welcome to personally promote events.

Can I sell tickets through the Renaissance Centre ticketing system?

All private rentals are responsible for setting up their own ticketing service and exchanging funds. The Renaissance Centre does not collect any percentage of ticket sales or door fees.

Can I post signs outside along the sidewalk/open grass area?

All signs must be approved by the Town of Wake Forest Planning Department.



Can I serve alcohol at my event?

Alcohol can be served only when all Renaissance Centre and ABC requirements are met. Renters are required to hire two officers for a minimum of 3 hours. One additional officer if over 200 guests. 

Renters are also required to obtain a North Carolina ABC “Limited Special Occasion Permit.” The permit applicant must be present at the entire event and remain on-site for the duration of the event. Permit application information will be provided.