Wake Forest Film Festival

We congratulate the award winners for the 2019 Wake Forest Film Festival:

Best Original Screenplay:  Andreas Ramm - Hunters and Gatherers

Best Cinematography:  Sarah Deakins/Director and Amy Belling,csc/Cinematographer - Yellow

Best Sound Design:  Miranda Javid - Smoke's Last Thought

Best Special Effects:  Jack Szynaka & Nikki Conero - Our Horizon

Best Documentary:  Warren County: Birth of a Movement - Michael Pearce

Best Animated Film:  Smoke's Last Thought - Miranda Javid

Best Short Film:  FOXES - Tristan Taylor

Best Student Film:  Hunters and Gatherers - Andreas Ramm

Best Director:  Tristan Taylor - FOXES

Best Dramatic Lead Role in Feature Film:  Ayinde Howell - FOXES

Best Supporting Role in Feature Film:  Sydney Rowlette - The Spectrum

Neuse River Spotlight Award:  This award is a Wake Forest Film Festival Special that celebrates the work of a Triangle area film or filmmaker.  This year the Award goes to:  Union Bound - Michael Davis

Best Picture:  Yadvi - Jyoti Singh, Vick Krishna and Gauri Singh


Mark your calendars for a cinematic tour de force; the debut of the Wake Forest Film Festival!

This inaugural event will spotlight passionate, creative and thought-provoking movies by some of today's most promising and accomplished local, national, and international filmmakers. The festival is a three-day film showcase that will engage audiences with films of all lengths and genres that include short and feature, documentary, horror, animation, narrative and student.

This festival is intended for both the general public and film professionals. Please review the screening schedule for movie titles, times and film ratings.

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Thursday, March 28 

Opening Red Carpet Reception ~ 6-7 pm
Featured Films ~ 7-9:30 pm

7 pm - FOXES
Filmmaker: Tristan Taylor
Category: Short
14 min. 48 sec.
Brothers and their girlfriends meet for dinner. After a testy exchange, the men’s roles of big-brother- caregiver and little-brother-in-need-of-guidance must evolve—for the stakes are life itself.

7:15 pm - Homecoming     
Filmmaker: Tom Hodges, Jennifer Blair
Category: Short   
6 min. 30 sec.
When a college sophomore returns home to share some important news with his parents, things don’t go exactly as he expected…until they do.

7:25 pm - Yadvi
Filmmaker: Gauri Singh, Jyoti SinghVick Krishna,
Category: Feature
1 hr. 47 min. 
Based on a true story of a Princess in India. Her journey of strength and courage and living with dignity, at times where women hardly had any freedom.

Friday, March 29

Featured Films ~ 3-9 pm

3 pm - Burning Grief
Filmmaker: Roger Barker, Mike Donaghy
Category: Short
4 min. 22 sec.
Three sisters deal with grief in their own different ways during a journey to a heritage railway station.

3:05 pm - Vinyl Dinosaurs
Filmmakers: Michael and Cindy Salerno 
Category: Documentary Feature
47 min.
After becoming intrigued by her grandmother's old records, a young woman discovers a new world in old vinyl as she goes digging for “vinyl dinosaurs”—vintage records of great music from the past. On her journey, she meets a community of record lovers who help keep the past the alive and rocking.

4 pm - GRIT
Filmmaker: Charles Wilson
Category: Short
11 min. 19 sec.
After a long day’s work, a young teacher returns to find his home has been burglarized. When he discovers his relation to the culprit and their motive, he resorts to rogue tactics in order to save a loved one spiraling down a deadly path.

4:15 pm - Smoke’s Last Thought
Filmmaker: Miranda Javid
Category: Animated Short
16 min. 15 sec.
A wisp of smoke rises through Los Angeles. She celebrates her life—and mourns her imminent demise.

4:35 pm - Greece
Filmmaker: Sarah Deakins
Category: Short
15 min. 28 sec.
On a rainy afternoon in a British nursing home, a woman struggles to make a last connection with her seemingly catatonic mother.

4:55 pm - Hot Questions
Filmmaker: Al Julian 
Category: Short
Film location:
8 min. 32 sec.
During a criminal interrogation, the tables are turned in a shocking manner.

5:20 pm - The Spectrum
Filmmaker: Angeline Bryant
Category: Student Feature   
45 min.
The Spectrum follows the perspective and imagination of Garrett, a seventeen year-old boy with Autism Spectrum Disorder and his journey to find independence.

6:10 pm - Fallen
Filmmaker: Emily Lawton
Category: Animated Short
4 min. 4 sec.
A leisurely bus ride turns into a flood of happy memories for an old woman.A leisurely bus ride turns into a flood of happy memories for an old woman.

6:15 pm - The Session
Filmmaker: Al Julian, 
Category: Short
10 min. 19 sec.
In a room full of killers, someone is bound to snap.

6:30 pm - FOXES
Filmmaker: Tristan Taylor
Category: Short
14 min. 48 sec.
Brothers and their girlfriends meet for dinner. After a testy exchange, the men’s roles of big-brother- caregiver and little-brother-in-need-of-guidance must evolve—for the stakes are life itself.

7 pm - Hunters and Gatherers
Filmmaker: Andreas Ramm
Category: Short   
14 min. 59 sec.
Two survivors of riot and strife roam a post-apocalyptic urban landscape seeking gear and sustenance. What they find is a clue to what happen that may spell their doom - or their ultimate salvation.The year is 2044. A violent conflict permeates throughout the country. Various zones are ridden by chaos and terror. To put down riots, the regime sends troops but does not shy away from biological warfare. The wind seems to carry the toxic substances to every corner of the region.
Virtually indifferent to this, an off-track sniper unit prowls one of the recently embattled zones. Haggard, yet thinking themselves safe, they wander through the streets and rows of houses of the war stricken metropolis. Their aim is to make contact with the rest of their unit. In this forlorn world, they become aware of the consequences of their actions only late. The line between good and evil has become unclear. The battle is hopeless and there is no end in sight. Because war is hell and it has imprisoned mankind.

7:15 pm - Wilmington on Fire
Filmmaker: Christopher Everett
Category: Documentary
1 hr. 30 sec.
A massacre kept secret for over 100 years. Now the truth will finally be revealed.

Saturday, March 30

Classes & Workshops ~ 11 am-3 pm

11 am-3 pm - Master Classes
Wake Forest Renaissance Centre, 405 S. Brooks St.
All classes are free but registration is required. Spaces are limited.

11 am-Noon  - Everything You Need to Know about Script Writing in 60 minutes 
Presenter: Tony Daniel
This workshop is an overview of writing scripts for film and television. Participants will discuss structure and format, and talk a bit about the business of screenwriting. Tony Daniel is the coauthor of horror film Flu Birds seen on the SyFy Channel, and Chiller Channel film Beneath (directed by Larry Fessenden) in addition to other scripts for film and television. He taught scriptwriting at the University of Texas at Dallas and several of his former students are cutting the rug as television staff writers and movie screenwriters in Hollywood and beyond. Daniel is also a highly regarded science fiction novelist, the author of ten novels, and many award-winning short stories.

1-2 pm - Women in Film
A discussion with Natalie Bullock Brown, Mindy Fuller, Jyoti Singh and Gauri Singh
This discussion features three professional filmmakers who will share their valuable experiences, and successful creative work in film. The panel will share the obstacles they have faced, give insights into what to do to be successful, as well as give advice on the nuts and bolts of what makes a woman pass hurdles in the film industry.

2-3 pm - Your Indie Film: Make It Happen 
Presenter: Rob Underhill
Got a story to tell? In Your Indie Film: Make It Happen we cover all stages of production from that concept doodled on a napkin at the coffee shop to showcasing your finished narrative film to your peers, to the possibilities of your work globetrotting the world and beyond.

Rob Underhill is a Raleigh-based film & media director, producer, editor, writer. His feature films & more than 50 short-films have received over 100 awards, showcased at over 200 screening engagements worldwide, including CANNES & Academy-qualifying film festivals like ST. LOUIS & SEATTLE.

Featured Films ~ 3-9 pm

3 pm - The Graveyard Shift
Filmmaker: Tom Radovich
Category: Short
16 min. 36 sec.
On his first night on the job, a night watchman in an office complex sees a ghost on his surveillance feed. When the ghost goes on a rampage, the same surveillance cameras prove his only chance to survive.

3:20 pm - Radio Lune
Filmmaker: Pierre Gaffié
Category: ShortSibyl is dealing with her decision to end things with Loic, with whom she just spent the night after 5 long years of being apart. How will she handle this moment of weakness? What else can happen on such a night?  While on her way to work as a late night radio host, she is suddenly confronted with an even more unsettling event. Then, while on the air, she takes the heart-rending testimony of a listener she must also find a way to guide. Maybe the pull of the full moon will help Sibyl make all the right decisions…

3:40pm – Sub Rosa
Filmmaker: Thomas Romainville, James McFerron
Category: Student Short
25 min. 36 sec.
Everybody has a secret. A mystery-thriller drama following Claire, her boyfriend Jeremy, and their friends Matt and Sarah as they spend their last spring break at the lake. The vacation takes a dark turn when one of them is found dead, leading to Detective Price investigating the unusual circumstances surrounding the crime, and revealing secrets that challenge the relationships between the three remaining friends. As Claire discovers more and more about the friend she thought she knew, she realizes that sometimes you can’t even thrust the ones you love.

4:10 pm - Looking In 
Filmmaker: Cameron Mitchell
Category: Horror Short
12 min. 5 sec.
Clark, a young man with a history of mental illness, meets Haley, a girl dressed in white who may be real, a ghost, or a figment of his imagination - which would indicate that Clark is not done with his problems after all. Haley insists that people Clark trusts killed her, and that he may be next. Yet can Clark trust his own mind?

4:35 pm - Our Horizon
Filmmakers: Jack Szynaka, Nikki Conero
Category: Animated Short  
6 min. 32 sec.
H The Spectrum follows the perspective and imagination of Garrett, a 17-year-old boy with Autism Spectrum Disorder and his journey to find independence.olding in his heart the power to give life to all living things, a magical forest creature finds himself running for his life from a power hungry intent on capturing the heart and taking the magic for himself.

4:45 pm - Warren County: Birth of a Movement
Filmmaker: Michael Pearce
Category: Documentary Short 
27 min. 40 sec.
In the early 1980s, the citizens of Warren County, North Carolina, sparked the birth of the environmental justice movement when they protested the state's dumping of PCB contaminants in local soil. 

5:30 pm - Yellow
Filmmaker: Sarah Deakins
Category: Short
33 min. 46 sec.
Ten characters each experience a crossroads in their lives on one seemingly ordinary afternoon in an art gallery.

6:10 pm - Union Bound
Filmmaker: Michael Davis, Harvey Lowry
Category: Feature
1 hr. 43 min.
Based on a True Story and the actual diary of a Union Soldier: Sargent Joseph Hoover went to war to preserve the Union. After being captured and sent to a prisoner of war camp, he understood what it was to be kept against his will. Together with a friend he escaped and aided by slaves made it to freedom.

Awards Ceremony


After Cinema Soiree

9 pm–midnight
Unwind On White - 153 S White St., Wake Forest