Wake Forest Film Festival

We congratulate the award winners for the 2019 Wake Forest Film Festival:

Best Original Screenplay:  Andreas Ramm - Hunters and Gatherers

Best Cinematography:  Sarah Deakins/Director and Amy Belling,csc/Cinematographer - Yellow

Best Sound Design:  Miranda Javid - Smoke's Last Thought

Best Special Effects:  Jack Szynaka & Nikki Conero - Our Horizon

Best Documentary:  Warren County: Birth of a Movement - Michael Pearce

Best Animated Film:  Smoke's Last Thought - Miranda Javid

Best Short Film:  FOXES - Tristan Taylor

Best Student Film:  Hunters and Gatherers - Andreas Ramm

Best Director:  Tristan Taylor - FOXES

Best Dramatic Lead Role in Feature Film:  Ayinde Howell - FOXES

Best Supporting Role in Feature Film:  Sydney Rowlette - The Spectrum

Neuse River Spotlight Award:  This award is a Wake Forest Film Festival Special that celebrates the work of a Triangle area film or filmmaker.  This year the Award goes to:  Union Bound - Michael Davis

Best Picture:  Yadvi - Jyoti Singh, Vick Krishna and Gauri Singh