Wake Forest Film Festival

2022 Awards Presentation

The History of the Wake Forest Film Festival

The Wake Forest Film Festival was created from the dreams of three like-minded women with a passion to evoke social change in their community: Cathy Gouge, Wake Forest Renaissance Center for the Arts Manager (2015-2019), Gauri Singh, filmmaker and resident, and Kimberly Soden, Cultural Arts Board member (2018-2020). These women discovered they shared the desire to bring awareness to the fast growing, diverse community of Wake Forest by creating a film festival that would attract independent film artists from across the globe.

After numerous meetings and conversations, festival founders Gouge, Singh, and Soden were joined by other community volunteers and a committee was formed to launch the first Wake Forest Film Festival in 2018. That first festival featured films from across the globe and attracted filmmakers and industry professionals.

The year 2022 marks the third year of the Wake Forest Film Festival that is themed “A Light in the Forest.” The two-day festival features 33 films in four categories: student, documentary, horror, and animation. These films shed light on issues and events that impact us all.

Wake Forest welcomes filmmakers and industry professionals from across the United States to share their art of storytelling through the medium of film.


A Light in the Forest

Mark your calendars for a cinematic tour de force! The Third Annual Wake Forest Film Festival is scheduled for Friday-Saturday, March 4-5, 2022, at the Wake Forest Renaissance Centre, 405 S. Brooks St.

Entitled “A Light in the Forest,” the Wake Forest Film Festival will spotlight passionate, creative and thought-provoking movies by some of today's most promising and accomplished local, national and international filmmakers. The two-day film showcase will engage audiences with films of all lengths and genres, including short and feature, documentary, horror, animation, and student (high school and college). Intended for both the general public and film professionals, the film festival is an opportunity for filmmakers to showcase their films in a unique location to a discerning audience. 


Tickets are $15 and go on sale Monday, Nov. 1.

View the 2022 Playbill


Friday, March 4

6-8 pm - Block 1: Student Films
  • They Are Wolves

  • Interstate 8

  • Just Say Yes

  • You Know His Name

  • échappé

  • Lost in the Red Snow

  • Ruth & Nick: a confectionery tale

  • 8Teen

8-9:30 pm - Block 2: Student Films
  • Standstill

  • Take Care

  • Sideways

  • Not Just A Name

  • The Big L

Saturday, March 5

1-3:30 pm - Block 3: Documentary Shorts
  • A Girl Can Change the World

  • Short Life of Trouble: The Legend of G.B. Grayson

  • Becoming Black Lawyers

  • Pink, White & Blue

  • The Man of the Trees

  • The Roots of Lacrosse

4-5:30 pm - Block 4: Documentary Full Length
  • Vinyl Nation 
5:30-6:30 pm - VIP Dinner (Invitation Only)
6:30-8 pm - Block 5: Horror
  • Birthday Boy

  • Movie Night

  • Momma, Don't Go

  • Spread Among Us

  • Kill the Cat

  • Nobodies

8-9 pm - Block 6: Animation
  • The Lion Herder

  • Tiger Blanket
  • Mundance
  • Rocky Road
  • Purple
  • In Our Nature
  • A Viral Spiral